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"Nimrod David Pfeffer is a pianist of extraordinary gifts, who combines unusual musical intelligence and sensitivity with great communicative warmth and freedom. I first became aware of his remarkable affinity with the music of Chopin when he played for me the first and fourth Ballades, performances that seemed to capture precisely their fusion of drama and poetry. Mr. Pfeffer has a deep understanding of the intimate polyphony of Chopin's style, and, with a fine discipline, plays as if he were improvising it." 

Richard Goode 


"Nimrod David pfeffer is an exceptional pianist of rare talent who, despite his young age, is already widely recognized as one of today’s distinguished classical musicians. He is extremely talented artist and has an extraordinary technique, but what I especially admire in his playing is that he brings his own very unique interpretation. I can state without hesitation that Nimrod David Pfeffer has made an extraordinary impression on the word of classical pianists.  He is a unique and exceptional musician whose career will undoubtedly continue to flourish to worldwide acclaim."

Jean-Yves Thibaudet


"Pfeffer understands all about Chopin's philosophy, feeling and taste. His Chopin 1st Concerto in E minor is an athletic, macho, big sound Chopin. His Nocturnes are fragile and sweet. It is very rare, that I cannot offer any critique to a performer, but I have only good things to say about his Chopin. I love his Chopin so much."

Nikolai Petrov 


"Even more than his pianistic skill, it is Mr. Pfeffer’s exceptional sensitivity, fantasy, and deep, committed musicality that are, in my eyes, his greatest assets. Because of those talents he can penetrate deep into the world of the Romantic composers, particularly Chopin, whose music he understands remarkably well." 

Matti Raekallio

Nimrod David Pfeffer
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