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"Nimrod David Pfeffer led the entire opera with enthusiasm and captivating dynamism. Under his baton, the entire event received a wave of energy, and the orchestra sounded excellent, as did the choir.”


“Nimrod David Pfeffer manages to capture the delicate moments in the situations, harmonizing the musicians to express the nuances of emotion, the magnitude of the moment. His conducting is subtle and eruptive, with rhythms pulsating as if witnessing those very events.”


“Conductor Nimrod David Pfeffer leads the numerous soloists, the opera choir, and the Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion excellently. The audience was swept away, rightfully leaving with a sense that we have our own opera, music that brings moments of tranquility and excitement.”


"An impressive display of talent... The score sounded magnificent, yet not rigid or ceremonial with the transparent Haydn instrumentation. Pfeffer adeptly commanded the ensemble with unwavering attention, providing the orchestra's players with precisely the right momentum... While the strings were already in top form, the conductor elicited a myriad of additional colors from them during the subsequent Poulenc concerto... In Saint-Saëns' Symphony No. 3 in C minor, the organ and orchestra blend into a symphonic hurricane, which, under Pfeffer's meticulous guidance, doesn't overwhelm the audience as an unrestrained force of nature, but rather in well-measured bursts."

Nürnberger Nachrichten, Nürnberger Zeitung

"Nimrod David Pfeffer communicates to the orchestra a sober and intense dramatic breath, to which everyone responds impeccably."

El Mundo


"From the very beginning, Pfeffer captivated the audience; he had a dynamic presence, not only understanding but also feeling the music, living and breathing with the melodies and the orchestra. He utilized his entire body in conducting... The conductor plays an entire orchestra, Bernstein once said, and indeed, Pfeffer seemed to bring forth the sound of every instrument of the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra simultaneously. He skillfully manipulated those invisible threads that seemed to connect him with each and every musician."


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